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Recently Completed Ph.D Theses

Recently completed Ph.D. theses at BART:-

  • Ivan Ñancucheo Cuevas: "Acidophilic consortia involved in securing mineral wastes and remediating mine waters". University of Wales
  • Sabrina Hedrich: " Isolation of novel iron-oxidizing bacteria and their application in mine water remediation".
  • Pedro Galleguillos Perez: "Biodiversity and stress response of extremophilic prokaryotes isolated from the Escondida copper mine, Chile". University of Wales
  • Richard Mariner: "Development and application of a novel biological system for the removal of manganese from contaminated waters". Bangor University, 2008.

  • Owen Rowe: “A study of the geochemical and microbial interactions in acidic environments and their potential application for the bioremediation of acid mine drainage”. Bangor University, 2008.
  • Chris Bryan: “A study of the microbial populations of mine wastes”. University of Wales, 2006.
  • Sakurako Kimura: “Microbial communities and interactions in extremely acidic environments”. University of Wales, 2005.
  • Kris Coupland: “A study of the geomicrobiology of acid mine drainage-impacted environments”. University of Wales, 2005.
  • Naoko Okibe: “Moderately thermophilic acidophiles and their use in mineral processing”. University of Wales, 2002.
  • Anna M. Sen: “Acidophilic sulphate reducing bacteria: candidates for bioremediation of acid mine drainage”. University of Wales, 2001.
  • Adibah Yahya: “Physiological and phylogenetic studies of some novel, acidophilic, mineral-oxidising bacteria”. University of Wales, 2000.

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